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Lina lives in the Financial District of Manhattan, New York with her husband and her 14 pound Havanese dog, Daisy.  She grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area in California.  In 2007 she moved to the east coast and spent time in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Baltimore, Maryland.  She is the youngest of three siblings.  Being the only daughter, her mom encouraged her love for the arts and creativity.   


Her skills translate in different areas in makeup such as Glamour, Fashion, Editorial, Special Events, Bridal and Special FX. Her services are available throughout the New York metropolitan areas and can accommodate further travel if needed. 

Continuing Education and Training:

The Academy of Makeup: Makeup Artistry Certificate

Von Lee School of Esthetics: Airbrush Makeup Certificate

Pretty Much Academy, Baltimore, MD

Mario Dedivanovic: Makeup Masterclass, New York

Member, The Powder Group 2016-Present



As a young girl, I explored beauty through my senses: sight introduced me to the countless ways that beauty translates through colors, shades and outlines; hearing allowed me to find it within every melody that conveyed a moment in my life whether through joy or adversity; touch inspired me to take most of these aspects and turn them into art whether my hands guided me through drawing, writing with words or in song - all of which were my ultimate forms of self expression.


As I grew into womanhood, I have come to believe that beauty can be found not just in the perception of the external but our expression of what’s within us.  It can be the feeling that we get when we put on the perfect shade of lipstick, the moment when we apply blush that is just the right color to complement our own skin tone, and when our eyeshadow is made to enhance the unique color and shape of our eyes.  It was during these moments that I was introduced to the beauty and art of makeup in the same way.  Makeup was no longer a form of concealment, but instead a tool that I can use to help people feel confident and cherish that experience right alongside them. 


I hope to help and inspire you to find your own beauty through makeup!


"That's why I began to doing makeup in the first place: I was hoping that through helping people see the beauty in themselves, I could try and find it in me." - Kevin Aucoin 

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